Introduction articles and videos in E1

Espen Aas has interpreted the topics Identity/Who Are You?, English Everywhere, Culture and Diversity, and Citizenship in E1 for us.

Explore the topics in E1 with Espen Aas!

In E1, the first four chapters cover topics that your students are expected to be able to communicate about:

  1. Who are you?
  2. English Everywhere
  3. Culture and Diversity
  4. Citizenship

These chapters all start with an introductory article, written especially for your students by a Norwegian expert. The aim is to use it to gain an overview of the topic, useful terminology and as a model for writing and using sources. In Skolestudio you and your students will find videos where Espen Aas has interpreted these topics for us. We hope his introductory videos will inspire your studens to read the accompanying article and to go in depth and explore the authentic material that follows. By studying the topic from various angles your students will discover links and achieve a deeper understanding.


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E1 er delt i to. Først presenteres fire emner fra læreplanens innholds-mål. Deretter følger kurs i de mest grunnleggende ferdighetene. Kursdelen anvendes kontinuerlig i oppgavestoffet til de fire emnene.


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Bokomslag Mal E1

Who do you think you are?

In this introductory film, Espen Aas has interpreted the topic Identity/Who Are You? in E1 for us. 

English as a World Language

Another topic Espen Aas has interpreted for us in E1 is English Everywhere.

Politics and Cultural Diversity

In this introductory film, Espen Aas has interpreted the topic Culture and Diversity.

You Are a Citizen

Lastly, Espen Aas has interpreted the topic Citizenship for us.