Business and politics in a new global order Høyoppløst bilde
Kjell A. Eliassen
Utgivelsesår: 2013
1. utgave
ISBN/EAN: 9788205453852

Business and politics in a new global order


The start of this century has been characterised by rapid changes in the global business environment during which companies have had to adapt to extensive changes brought about by globalisation and digitisation.
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The expansion of regional and global regulation regimes such as the World Trade Organization, dramatic developments within information and communication technology, and the power shift in the global economy towards the rising economies in the East and South required reforms to company strategies, business models and even modes of leadership.

Edited by Kjell A. Eliassen, professor at BI Norwegian Business School and written by professors and academics from all over the world, this book offers a nuanced perspective on various topics concerning today’s global business environment. The topics covered in the book span from ownership and regulation, digitisation linked to new vulnerability in society, new markets and market actors to global governance and the significance of a new world order, including the rapid rise of China.