Gayle Friesen

Gayle Friesen Author of: The Isabel Factor
Gayle Friesen grew up in the Fraser Valley of BC. Her dad would often recite silly poems and the wonderful "Just-So" stories of Rudyard Kipling while her mom taught her there was no aspect of housework as important as finishing a good book. Gayle grew up loving books. The Black Stallion, Little Women, Charlottes' Web and Peter Pan were among her favourites but Anne of Green Gables was her absolute favourite. Every summer Gayle and her cousin Susie would pick berries – "the slowest pickers in the patch", says Gayle. They were too busy telling each other stories - mostly about handsome princes and princesses with long, raven coloured hair. As a child, Gayle spent a lot of time daydreaming and concocting stories and dialogues in her head. She didn't know it then but all those stories wre preparing her to be a writer. Gayle studied English literature at UBC and began writing young adult novels ten years ago. She thinks it's great to have a job were all you need is "a pen, some paper, lots of tea and a quiet space to think". Gayle thinks reading books is a way to make your life bigger and brighter.

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