Gyldendal's English Seminar
26. april | Gyldendalhuset

Gyldendal's English Seminar

Welcome to Gyldendal's English Seminar!


We are delighted to finally be able to invite you all to Gyldendalhuset again. This year's seminar is all about inspiration. The programme is brimming with relevant content and offers knowledgeable and entertaining guest speakers. We want you to enjoy an afternoon amongst friendly colleagues, and hope that many of you will also join us for tapas afterwards.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Kl. 12.30 – Registration

Kl. 13.00 – Welcome

Kl. 13.15 – «A Tale of Two Americas: Civil War 2024» by Thomas Seltzer

Coffee and tea break

Kl. 14.15 – Differentiation in Vg1, Basic SKILLS and Adapted E1

Coffee and tea break

Kl. 15.30 – Using Edge in the classroom

Kl. 16.00 – Edge 2 - a brand new digital textbook for Engelsk 2

Coffee and tea break

Kl. 16:45 – «London now: Traditions and identity in the heart of the Empire» by Øivind Bratberg

Kl. 17:30 – Mingling and tapas


Thomas Seltzer

Thomas Seltzer (b. 1969) is one of Norway’s most revered talk show hosts, musicians and, in recent years, documentarists. If you are unable to catch him on-stage performing as “Happy-Tom” in his band, Turbonegro, you can simply tune in to his acclaimed documentary series, “UXA”, which has become one of the most popular documentary series aired on the public Norwegian national television channel, NRK. Starting from his childhood hometown in the Rustbelt, he sets off on a search for the American Dream. He is currently working on a new season, which is set to air later this year.

Thomas Seltzer

Øivind Bratberg

Øivind Bratberg (b. 1980) teaches political science at the University of Oslo. He has a particular interest in Britain and has written several books and articles about current affairs and political history in the UK. He contributes regularly to various media outlets on British politics and, in recent years, on Britain’s process of exiting the European Union.

Øivind Bratberg (2)

Praktiske opplysninger

Sted: Gyldendalhuset
Dato: 26. april kl. 12:30 – kl. 17:30
Pris: Gratis