Australia - Straight from the Horse`s Mouth #1

This school year, in a series of seven travelogues, we will provide you with up-to-date teaching resources from Australia. Bronia Hamilton, English teacher and Oslo’s FYR coordinator for English (currently on leave), has returned to her homeland for a year together with her husband and their three daughters. Bronia will over the coming months be talking to young people about their lives and develop teaching material that you can use with your students to discuss social and cultural conditions in Australia.

First out is a closer look at:

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

In Australia young people have many opportunities to be involved in extracurricular activities through their school. These activities are designed to teach them skills and build their confidence. Many of them are similar to those offered in Norway, such as sports, dance and music. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is one of the most popular activities in Australia and it is all about growing as a person, and getting to know yourself and your capabilities.

This teaching material can be used on its own or as a supplement to the text “You – A Role Model?” from SKILLS for HO. The material includes the following:

  • Interview with Georgia (15 minutes)
  • Interview with Daniel (12 minutes)
  • Handout to students, including:

– An introduction to The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

– A note-taking sheet to use while listening

– Comprehension questions for each interview

– An “Explore and discuss-activity”

– A written task for a particular audience and purpose (exam training)

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