Australia - Straight from the Horse’s Mouth #4

For this installment of Straight from the Horse’s Mouth, Bronia has talked to a young designer who started his own clothing brand in order to bring his illustrations to the public.

The 17-minute interview provides an insight into his journey, his modern ideas around marketing and advice for young people thinking of doing the same.

This teaching material is ideal for students of Design, Arts and Crafts and can be used on its own, or in conjunction with the texts What I do at Work or Digital Fabrication from SKILLS Design og håndverk. It includes:

  • An interview with Marty Rowney of Dirty Rotten (17 minutes)*
  • Handout to students, including:
    • Comprehension questions from the interview
    • A task in which students put together two timelines; one based on Marty’s experiences, and one based on their own and projecting into their future
    • A task requiring students to explore a website and evaluate it in terms of their own personal taste
    • A written task considering language and style (training for exam Part 1)
    • An oral task that is both training for the oral exam and can form the basis of assessment for the curriculum goal, “select an in-depth study topic within one’s education programme and present this”

The exploration tasks provide an opening for multidisciplinary cooperation with the project subjects of Design, Art and Crafts.

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