Australia - Straight from the Horse’s Mouth #5

One of the things that Bronia was really looking forward to during her family’s year in Australia was eating out. With her parents available as babysitters, and countless fantastic restaurants in Sydney, she has had many culinary experiences. Early in the New Year she and her husband dined at Petrel Kitchen that offered an unusual focus on native Australian ingredients. To learn more about the concept Bronia met up with Executive Chef Clinton Whiteman the next day as the restaurant prepared for another busy evening.

This teaching material is ideal for students of Restaurant and Food Processing and can be used on its own, or in conjunction with the text Choosing Ingredients from SKILLS Restaurant- og matfag. It includes:

  • An interview with Clinton Whiteman. The interview is divided into two sound files to make it easier to work with in class. You can choose to use them together or either of them independently:
  • Handout to students including:
    • Comprehension questions for both sections of the interview
    • An role play task
    • A written task considering language and style (training for exam Part 1)
    • An oral task that is both training for the oral exam and can form the basis assessment for the curriculum goal, “select an in-depth study topic within one’s education programme and present this”
    • The exploration tasks provide an opening for multidisciplinary cooperation with the project subjects of Restaurant and Food Processing
  • Suggested answers to the comprehension questions

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