City Profiles

Aim: Explore a new city in a fun and creative way

Level: vg1/vg2

Time: 3 lessons (of 45 min)


1st lesson

Divide the class into groups of 4 and give each group a different city from the UK/US/Canada, Australia or another English-speaking country. Choose less-likely cities; e.g. Birmingham and Glasgow from the UK.

Ask students to find the following information about their allocated city:

1. General information; population and location

2. Attractions that bring tourists

3. The different immigrant groups within the city and a pie chart to illustrate percentages

4. Education; what kind of schools exist; private etc

5. Crime

6. Environmental awareness ( Oslo we have city bikes, electric cars in the fast lane etc)

2nd lesson

Provide students with paper, pens, scissors and glue so they can make posters to present their city in the best possible way.

3rd lesson

Hang posters around the room and go on a gallery tour to hear about each city as presented by each group.

Follow Up:

1. Let students make a 10-question-long test on their city for the rest of the class.

2. Use your findings about your city to write a text in which you discuss the challenges “your” city faces today in terms of multiculturalism or the environment.


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