Discussion task worksheet: Will It Pay Off?

Teaching suggestions:

Relevant competency aims:

  • understand, elaborate on and discuss lengthy discourses on general and specialized subjects.
  • locate, elaborate on and discuss international educational options and employment options.

Approximate use of time: 25-25 minutes

Possible warm-up activity:

Students may discuss the following questions in pairs of small groups:

  • What advice have your family, friends or teachers given you about what you should study?
  • In your opinion, which skills will be most in demand in the work place of the future?


Students need read “Will It Pay Off?” (pages 214-217 in E2).

Possible follow-up activities:

The various tasks on page 218 in E2 which allow students to go deeper into the content, structure and language of the “Will It Pay Off” texts. Furthermore, task 8 asks students to compare and contrast the arguments in the text in essay form.


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