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How do you fill those last days of school with something fun and meaningful? Jannike Elmblom Berger, from Kuben vgs, has a great suggestion!

Aim: Practise listening through watching music videos and typing in the missing lyrics.
Time: 10 – 30 min. This activity could be used as a warm-up, for variation between other activities or as a round-off to a lesson. It could also be adapted into a full lesson where the students use their songs as a starting point for speaking or writing.

Lyricstraining: http://lyricstraining.com/


  • Ask the students to access the website Lyricstraining: http://lyricstraining.com/
  • Ask them to select a song. They can choose from different genres or search for a song. Tell them not to pick a song where they already know the lyrics by heart. Naturally, you may choose a song with relevant vocabulary for them. We suggest Weird Al Yankovic`s “Word Crimes” on language.
  • After having decided on a song, the students are asked to choose a level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Expert. Tip: Beginner level was hard enough for us!
  • The music video will play, the lyrics come up and the students have to fill in the missing words. If they fail to fill them in, the music video will stop and they will have another chance.

Levels: This activity may be used on all levels.

By Jannike Elmblom Berger, Kuben vgs, Oslo

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