Varieties of English in E2

This partly explains the subject name International English and it also justifies the competence aim: “enable pupils to give examples of other varieties of English than those that are used in the Anglo-American core area, and reflect on their distinctive character”.

E2 includes:

  • Authentic material from a wide variety of countries in which English is an official language or widely used
  • Sound files of all texts with representative dialects or accents
  • Examples that highlight characteristics of speakers whose mother toungue is not English, like Hans Rosling and many Norwegians
  • Practice tasks covering
    • Braj Kachru’s circles of English (p. 31)
    • Non-standard versions of English as exemplified in for example “A Private Experience” by Adichie (p. 124)
    • The International Dialects of English Archive as a means to study varieties of English (p. 189)
    • “World Englishes” and specific features of Australian, South African, Indian and Malaysian/Singaporean English (p. 201)

Dirty Money: Panama Papers

In April 2015, whistleblower “John Doe” contacted journalist Bastian Obermayer in Süddeutche Zeitung, Germany`s leading broadsheet newspaper, offering detailed information about offshore shell companies created by the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. The Panama Papers turned out to be the biggest data leak in history, consisting of 11.5 million documents. Obermayer and the SZ published the material simultaneously in German and English, catering for their international audience. Listen to a clip of that very first phone call here. Please find the rest of the story, the complete sound file and more varieties of English in E2.

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