Explaining Edge

Are you curious about our thoughts behind the selection of texts in Edge? Listen to the authors explain the reasons behind some of the choices in chapters 1, 2 and 4.

Chapter 1: Varieties of English

with Siri Hunstadbråten

In Chapter 1 in Edge we aim to bridge the gap between the students’ English and academic English.

We encourage students to think back and to look ahead:

  • How have I learnt English? (My Story as a Speaker of English) and
  • What I am going to do to improve my English further? (Self-assessment and setting goals)

With Edge we wish to show students the joy of learning English and to encourage them to have fun imitating accents and distinguishing the different varieties of English.


Engelsk 1 Vg2/Vg3 SF

Edge er et nytt læreverk til fagfornyelsen for programfaget Engelsk 1. I læreverket blir du presentert for både engasjerende tekster og nødvendig ferdighetstrening.

Vi gir deg fem gode grunner til hvorfor du bør velge nye Edge!

Fem grunner til å velge Edge

Mockup Bok+Ipad 2021 Kvadrat Edge

Chapter 2: News and Views

with Svein Arild Pettersen

In this video, I discuss news consumption with an emphasis on bias and language. One aspect of critical reading is enabling students to identify how a certain word is used to evoke a specific response in the reader - consciously or subconsciously. Often, these biases are quite subtle, but in this unit, entitled "Opposing Views", they are clear as day.  I also highlight the importance of reading reliable sources and ask students to consider what they know about the newspaper in question.

Chapter 4: Prepared to study

with Ian Underwood

In this video, I explain the concept behind chapter 4: Prepared to Study. The chapter presents authentic texts from some of the most popular subjects studied in videregående and pursued further at university, including marketing, economics, sociology, psychology, law and physics. Working with this chapter will help pupils to become even more capable and independent learners. The texts are chosen to appeal to a wide range of interests and do not assume prior knowledge of the subjects.

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